About Egress

Our human layer security is designed to respond to and fix human-activated data breaches before they happen. So whether you have a Tired Tim or a Sneaky Sara (or, probably, both!) in your organization, our Intelligent Email Security is here to help.

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Stopping accidental breaches

Accidental email breaches are the most under-reported incidents in organizations. After all, how do you report a breach unless you know it’s happened?

We use contextual machine learning to make sure every email and attachment is sent to the correct recipient, preventing accidental breaches.

Correcting reckless behavior

It’s not enough to just send emails to the right people; modern compliance demands sophisticated control and auditing functionality over shared data.

We automate the security of sensitive data relative to the risk of a breach, keeping your data secure at all time. What’s more, we use machine learning to reduce friction and ensure user adoption.

Effective, ongoing compliance

Security administrators need a clear view of risk across their corporate email network to pinpoint areas of non-compliance and improve protection.

We provide comprehensive dashboards that show your compliance in real time, helping you to effectively measure, and mitigate, risk.

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The Egress Team would love the opportunity to show you how our software empowers your employees to work productively and securely, and gives your administrators a clear view of their email security.

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